How to Take Care of the Old Vespa

September 22, 2017
This component, in order for the Old Vespa No Fuss - Vespa classical or old today is still a lot of fans in the country. Although already many choices of modern Vespa with advanced technology, for lovers or collectors scooters from Italy is still reluctant to fit the mount.

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Even so, the name Vespa old, there must be problems that arise, especially Vespa classic or old is still often used for long trips or touring by the owner.
How to Take Care of the Old Vespa
Vespa Gembel

According to Leo Nurichson, Lambro's Workshop, Vespa classically is not so complicated in terms of maintenance, and rarely have problems if treated properly.

"If the old Vespa really does not bother, if the two do not, compression, ignition, the same clutch," explained the man who is familiarly called Coki when talking with Liputan6.com, in his workshop on Wednesday (20/09/2017).

Furthermore, the man whose workshop is located at Jalan Haji Mencong, Number 31, Ciledug, Tangerang, for ignition, such as platinum, condenser, and platinum CDI do require periodic maintenance, so that motor performance is not problematic.

"If the treatment here is Rp 120 thousand.But for the use of spare parts depends on what brand choose, if the original Vespa can Rp 150 thousand, not expensive anyway," he said.

Cheap Treatment

When you have an old Vespa or classic, it does not need to take care that is too complicated. Usually, it only needs periodic service, for ignition setting, compression, etc. so that no problem when used.

"Actually, Vespa's care is not expensive, for the unnecessary expense," he concluded.

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