How to Repair Keyless Fob Has Stopped Working Toyota Aurion

September 01, 2017
Tips Repair Keyless Fob Has Stopped Working, I have a 2010 aurion touring. In the last 2 weeks the keyless fob has stopped working. New battery has been put in it and has stopped working again but now car sometimes stalls after i reverse and put in drive..... this car is an automatic. Can anyone suggest what the issue may be? Mechanic cant find the problem. Please help.

We will to answer this question, 

Why Isn't My Car Key Remote Working?

Oke you can try our tips

1. Confirm That the Problem Lies With the Remote

2. Try a New Battery

3. Reattach the Buttons

4. Reprogram the Remote

5. Upgrade the Remote or Key

If the tipsnot working, now you can try another tips.

1) Firstly the auto was dingy and had more scratches then a felines scratching post. The merchant was conciliatory and amazed that the auto was left in this state and obediently logged around 13 ranges requiring amendment. The inside even had recolors in it. 

2) As soon as i drove the auto out of the merchants parcel i heard dash squeaks, splits and different commotions and thought awesome, here we go. 

3) I took it to the merchant and was revealed to No Fault Found, here we go again i thought. I had all the paint correction finished regardless it wasn't palatable. 

4) I took it back to the merchant and they settled the issues with the paint regardless I was worried about. At long last it was settled however once more, no squeaks in the dash noted. 

5) I called past the merchant and showed the foreman a good time and he heard the squeaking and splitting from the dash and soon grabbed something isn't right. We booked it in once more. 

6) Left it with the merchant and following 3 days the dash had been hauled out, changes made and was told a clasp wasn't even set up under the dash. 

7) One of the remotes quit working. Back to the merchant once more. Remotes reconstructed and all great. 

8) A couple of days after the fact the remote flops again so back to the merchant. This time an issue is perceived with the installed PC and it wont give any new remotes a chance to be customized into the framework. They took a stab at reaching Toyota for two days without much of any result, they were inert. I at that point discover that they require my auto for a further 2 days to examine and maybe change the BEM (body hardware module). 

So Monday in it goes once more. Inside two months the auto has been at the merchant 7 times and after this repair has spent an aggregate of nine days at the merchant, all inside 2 months! The Sales Rep who sold me the auto swore beat up these autos were of high caliber and cant beleive how frequently it has been back and i am certain it's not the finish of it either. Whats more terrible is this auto has rattles and squeaks originating from all over, i can't track them all down. I think the steel prop in the back is causing rattles as well and the front end sounds irregular going over obstructions. 

Conclusion, i will NEVER purchase another store of **** Toyota again and completely mean on passing my experience to whatever number individuals as could reasonably be expected. While some of you have been fortunate i havent and Toyota truly dont give a stuff. I have messaged them to exhort them what i have encountered and that looking back that the auto should be supplanted yet they never reacted. The merchant said that have never observed such a great amount of issue with an Aurion so i am confounded why i have an auto stop down there with my name composed on it, i'm certain they are tired of me bringing it down there. 

I paid $40K for this auto and i legitimately merit an auto that is free from imperfections and works to manaufacturers determination, not an auto that should be come back to the merchant week after week for repairs! 

To the merchants credit they are making a decent attempt with every one of the repairs yet not cleaning a spic and span auto at pre-conveyance is a major mix-up to begin with and something revealed to me it was recently the start. This is my first Toyota and now will be my last.

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