Reasons Why Diesel Engines Are More Expensive Compared to Petrol?

September 22, 2017
Is diesel or petrol worse for the environment - The diesel-engined car is currently less popular than the gasoline engine. In fact, in various parts of the world, diesel-engined cars are considered more resilient than gasoline-powered vehicles.

Nevertheless, some countries have begun to stop the production of diesel-engined vehicles, due to tight emission limits, especially in Europe.

According to Sales Support Dept Head PT Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia (IAMI) Reiner Tandiono, the diesel engine has many advantages, especially having abundant torque in the early rounds.

"So it is still used for commercial vehicles because of its size to transport many goods, so no need to hurry but all kebaya and up to the destination," said Reiner during the event Isuzu Diesel Academy at Isuzu Training Center, PT IAMI, Pondok Ungu, Bekasi, Wednesday (20/09/2017).

Well want to know the benefits of diesel engines, the following summary:

First, diesel engines have greater heat efficiency. Thus, the use of fuel will be more economical than gasoline engines.

Second, diesel engines are more durable and do not require electric igniter. That way, the chances of trouble are smaller and the maintenance is smaller than the gasoline engine.

Third, the moment on the diesel engine does not change at the level of the velocity level. This means that the average torque diesel engine is the same great, but still every brand of different characteristics.

Fourth, the maximum combustion pressure is almost twice the gasoline engine. This impact on the sound and vibration of diesel engines larger than gasoline. But with common rail technology, symptoms like this have diminished.

Fifth, the combustion pressure is higher, then the diesel engine must be made of high-pressure resistant material and must have a very large strong structure.

Sixth, diesel engines require precision fuel injection systems. This means the diesel engine needs time and the right amount of fuel when spraying inside the engine during combustion.

Seventh, diesel have higher compression ratios and require greater force to play them. Why is Diesel Engines More Expensive Compared to Petrol?

Cars that carry diesel engines are generally more expensive than cars that use gasoline engines. Of course, this comparison applies to the same models or are in the same segment.

For example, Toyota Innova. In Indonesia variant Q M / T Diesel dibanderol Rp 411, 8 million, while the petrol variant is only Rp 373.6 million. Hyundai Santa Fe too. Dieselnya variants priced Rp 539 million, while the petrol variant "only" Rp 495 million.

So, what actually causes the Diesel-engined car is more expensive than a gasoline car? The answer, because Diesel engine itself is generally more expensive than gasoline engines. The follow-up question, why so?

The cause was simple. Because, as quoted from edmunds.com, the Diesel engine has a cost of production that is more expensive than the Diesel engine.

Manufacturers can press the cost of production of gasoline engines by using cheaper materials such as aluminum. But this can not be done on the Diesel engine. The material used must be strong. The cylinder head and cylinder block must wear steel.

The use of stronger materials should be done because Diesel engines have higher compression. The temperature of the air in the combustion chamber is much hotter because it is needed to burn diesel with the maximum.

Unlike gasoline engines, Diesel has no spark plugs to burn fuel and air mixtures. Hot compressed air that ignites the fuel. Thus, it is logical if then the materials used should be stronger.

In addition to the matter of better components, the price of the engine can also be more expensive if it is equipped with a turbocharger. Turbo is a "forced" induction system that compresses the air flowing into the engine. This tool makes more air to be mixed with fuel and ultimately will improve performance.

The problem, many Diesel engines that use this component because generally, this engine has a slower acceleration than gasoline engines, despite having more power and torque. In the end, the addition of turbo will also hoist the price of production.

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